23 Things is 10 years old – here’s a few ways it’s helped me

Realising that Helen Blower‘s ground breaking 23 things programme is 10 years old is quite a shock. It was inspired by Stephen Abram’s article about 43 things, but 23 seems to have become the perfect number.

I thought about the ways it had helped me…not quite 23 ways, but enough. More than enough….

  1. Helped me help my staff cheaply, engagingly and imaginatively. Way back in 2010 I adapted the programme into 23 Things @ CamMedLib + FollowThat….
  2. Taken me to present at conference. I had a fabulous time at the EAHIL 2011 conference in Istanbul on the back of a keynote presentation I gave about the Medical Library programme
  3. Has been translated, adapted and rethought repeatedly to focus on different skills and different user groups – so I benefit, and other groups can
    1. CPD 23
    2. 23 Research things
    3. infinite others…..some of which I’ve participated in, some of which I’ve “encouraged” my colleagues to participate in
  4. Helped me spawn a different type of cheap, engaging and imaginative CPD opportunity: libteachmeet, which was translated from a forum for teachers, and has been adapted and rethought repeatedly for and by librarians – see the wiki, the original blog, and the chapter about it , oh, and another presentation at the Istanbul conference
  5. Encouraged me to learn from others as much as learning from the “teacher” – it’s the reading of other participants blogs that teaches you as much as following the steps of the task for the “Thing”.

so thank you very much Helen – it’s such a great idea.

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