#LILAC15 – peer to peer facilitation – NICE student champions

Using a peer to peer facilitation model to build information literacy skills: the NICE/Anglia Ruskin partnership

Jane Shelley & Anne Weist


We’ve had the student champions in Cambridge, and the sessions were really popular, and fundamentally student led. The students involved have enjoyed their trips to NICE, and have even presented a poster a AMEE conference (see the last page)

What is tricky for me, is the fact that talking about NICE Evidence Search is something we should be doing anyway – it is already integral to all/any of the session I do with the students, so it should never be the case that students are taken by surprise by this resource.

But I do think that the peer-to-peer teaching is hugely valuable – the authenticity of the “I wish I’d known” is hugely valuable. Indeed, it is integral to the Introduction Course that the new intake of Clinical Students in Cambridge have- they have an “associate tutor” – a final year student showing them round, introducing them to wards, and generally guiding them. It is also integral to college life in Cambridge – most colleges have a Parent/Child scheme where a 2nd or 3rd year is parent to a new 1st year.

So what?

I might invite the associate tutors to join me in the “library in your pocket” sessions that I offer for new students in their introductory course. Get them to talk about NHS Evidence while I talk other library resources.


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