#uhmlgsf15 – UHMLG Spring Forum 2015 – part 2

After a very fine lunch at the RSM, the UHMLG 2015 Spring Forum continued….

Fiona Ware from Hull University was first up after lunch, ensuring we kept awake by talking about her role in supporting systematic reviews. Now this sparked a bit of a strop with me, because it raised the question of people thinking that they’re doing a “systematic review”, but they’re really not. Fiona outlined that the Cochrane review that she is co-author to took a year, with a big team. Postgrads* (* insert anyone else as appropriate) who think they’re doing a systematic review as a 5 week placement, or similarly short length of time are not, they’re just not, doing a systematic review. (strop over)

Hull are also putting together a libguide on systematic reviews, so I’ll be keeping my eye on their site.

Laura Wilkes from West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust Library spoke about her role as Innovation Scout. She’s used this as an opportunity to encourage people to see the library supporting the hospital in non-clinical ways (as well as the existing support they offer clinicians). By being the central point that anyone with a Good Idea in the trust can approach, the library can employ their obvious skills in establishing whether this has been written up before, and perhaps whether there is an evidence base to support implementation. Laura was a runner up in the Sally Hernando Award for Innovation. She’s also gained a wealth of new skills, including developing an IP policy for the Trust, and registering a trademark – how many librarians have done that? Great stuff.

There was a panel discussion, and then Sue Lacey Bryant gave us a talk extolling the virtues of a portfolio career. Keep an eye on Sue – she’s one of the driving forces behind Knowledge for Healthcare.

I do like UHMLG in general, in the spring forum in particular – getting together with HE colleagues is always useful, and since we’re all doing pretty much the same thing, but just at different stages of development – it’s a great opportunity for a bit of cross pollination

cross pollination


One Response to #uhmlgsf15 – UHMLG Spring Forum 2015 – part 2

  1. Thanks for a really useful write up of what looked like a fascinating event which I am very sorry to have missed.

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