Google scholar for systematic reviews…. hmmmm

Following from the publication of

Is the coverage of google scholar enough to be used alone for systematic reviews

Gehanno Jean-François, Rollin Laetitia and Darmoni Stefan BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2013, 13:7 doi:10.1186/1472-6947-13-7

there have been a few online reations:

from Dean Giustini, UBC Biomedical Branch librarian at Vancouver hospital wriites twice about this:

and then there’s a great response from the Emerging Technologies Librarian blog

this is not the first time google scholar has been considered as a resource for literature searching:

but this paper was robustly rebutted in Laika’s blog:

And reassuringly another comparison of pubmed and GS comes out pretty squarely in favour of pubmed, for reasons including the significant benefite MeSH came make to your search results

All this will be useful when it comes to my systematic review courses coming up in February and March!  My take home messages from this course are:

  • systematic reviews are not quick things! you have to take your time (the clue is in the word “systematic”!)
  • one database is never enough
  • reproducability is key – you’re not an alchemist, you’re a scientist!

One Response to Google scholar for systematic reviews…. hmmmm

  1. […] 2010 I already [1]  (in the words of Isla Kuhn [2]) “robustly rebutted” the Anders’ paper “PubMed versus Google Scholar for […]

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