personal brand – my vanity check

Ok, so what do people see when they see me via Google?

Twitter first – and then links from my project for Arcadia (organised a conference on Internet Informed Patient). Then Academia and linkedin. So far, so professional, and then comes Facebook, which I do try to keep for personal things rather than work (and manage too, not least cuase I hardly ever update my profile!)

It’s only when you get to page 2 & 3 of results (and who would ever get that far?) that you see this blog, and some of the contributions to conferences I’ve made, and papers I’ve written, etc. What does this say about me? (or my ability to raise my profile electronically?)

Have to say that my “brand” is not something that I’ve spent hours considering, which is particularly odd since I’m quite likely to make snap judgements about other people’s blogs/twitters etc.

So that’s what people see, but what do they think?

comments very welcome – I can take it!

I’ve just tried google-ing “ilk21” – this blog is much higher up – hmm was that a branding fail? is my email id better at promoting itself than I am? And what happens when I move job (not on the horizon at the moment, but it might happen one day) – how will my “brand” have to evolve when ilk21 ceases to be meaningful? will “I” cease to be?

so in terms of the themes of name, photograph, professional/personal identity, visuals….

I think I might be in danger of having a confusion with the difference between ilk21 and isla kuhn, I’m fairly consistent with my photograph (taken on lovely holiday in France a couple of years ago) and I like the fact that it’s not a straight “head shot”. Pretty much all my  online hits are work related, but of course a bit of personal me comes out (it’s inevitable, really isn’t it?). I could have spent longer on the bells and whistles on this blog, but the clean lines appeal to me.


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