teaching in practice – reflection on teaching session – recordings

Today in a 2.5hr teaching session with postgraduates, I was recorded. While the student did ask my permission, and I said yes, I don’t think I asked enough about this.

  • what was the recording – just audio, or was there a camera too?
  • what was going to happen to the recording?
    • would it be posted on the internet?
    • just for that student, or for sharing with the group?
  • why was I being recorded?
    • was it a language issue?
    • was the student disabled in some way that I was unaware off?
  • is there any university policy about “informal” recording of lectures?
  • while I consented, there was quite a lot of discussion amongst the group during the session, which was undoubtedly recorded too – what about their consent?

So now I’m left wondering what to do.

I think I will contact the student who made the recording to ask about the purpose and nature of the recording, and where it’s going to end up. I might ask for a copy as well (though 2.5 hours of my own voice is likely to be too much to bear!).

But it also raises the question in my mind – whether I should be creating podcasts of certain aspects of my teaching sessions, so that I can ensure the quality of the recording is adequate,  and that the quality of the content is clear (I fear that my delivery of certain concepts to a faceless audience would be very different to my delivery when faced with a group whose body language I can try to read, and who can ask questions).


2 Responses to teaching in practice – reflection on teaching session – recordings

  1. libchris says:

    Interesting questions – perhaps ones we should also consider for future Teachmeets?

  2. Niamh says:

    I love the idea of podcasting it, I’d listen!

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