it’s Franks world….

And now, the end is here And so I face the final curtain……

don’t worry, there’s no rogue sound file lurking anywhere in this post with a dubious rendition of that karaoke classic, but I do think that it’s one of the strengths of 23Things that you can get what you want out of it, although to a certain extent you get out what you put in, no pain no gain, and other cliches. You go at your own pace, and come to your own conclusions, but with the benefit of c.100 other viewpoints to call upon if you can’t quite make up your own mind.

I’ve really enjoyed it – the discipline of writing up a blog for each thing, the camaraderie of the process, the feeling that every time I ventured out beyond the Medical Library walls it was like going on a blind date – would the person I was meeting up with be doing the Things? and what would their blog be? and would I be able to match a blog to a face? (probably not – but it’s fun to speculate, and I’m looking forward to meeting up again at the closing ceremony).

I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s blogs enormously – and am excited by the prospect of there being life beyond this Thing in the form of TeachMeet and I’m going to copy other people shamelessly by listing the 23 things and speculate on my future relationship with them all (what a hussy!)

Google & iGoogle page
yes – use google id loads, no – hardly ever use iGoogle – I’ve got other things that do that job for me, but I do like the principle of personal homepage
RSS feeds
 using RSS feeds is just standard for me – who could bear to have email alerts coming in, just clogging things up and making you feel guilty – I teach about RSS feeds and actually practice what I preach (which as a firm believer in “do as I say, not as I do” is saying something!)
well, you’re here, reading it! blogging is my big surprise really – that I don’t mind shouting into the wind, and that some people actually shout back is great – thanks for all the comments over the past few weeks. I use blogs already for cpd in general, but hadn’t commented on anyone elses before – maybe that will be my first big post cam32 step into the unknown?
useful in its place – I don’t use it regularly, but I like that it’s there for when I do want to use it…
Google Calendar
I use it for work, but haven’t ever considered using it for me, because I can access a shared work calendar over the web already, and just haven’t made the leap to using a web calendar for personal use yet. But I like the things you can do with google calendars – the embedding etc.
complete twitter junkie – was doing it before 23things, but am surprised how much I enjoy using it, and what I gain from it. just wonder when I’ll make the leap to using it for the library rather than for myself….
Flickr & Creative Commons
again – used it before, and really like it but have enjoyed learning about the creative commons search options, which just make it all a little more… is ethical the right word?
I like, though haven’t loaded anything up there yet – am sure that will come.
was an early-ish adopter of delicious, but really haven’t kept up with it, and haven’t used it to manage the links from the library webpages in the way I thought I might, but again that may be worth a second look.
I embrace the notion of folksonomy, but i’m just rubbish at it – generally can’t be bothered….. bad librarian!
just not for me – nice that people can show off how much they’ve read, or how many books they own – yawn…..  and not much cop for the library either frankly- we’ve got a catalogue and it’s hard enough for readers to use it (hurrah, roll on acquabrowser!)
 facebook & LinkedIn
hmm – has this bandwagon not been taken over by anything else yet? the monstrous juggernaught of facebook has ceased to entertain me, and I never really engaged with it for the library either – but perhaps I’ve got no idea what would actually properly engage the students with the library – maybe I should ask them…?
And linkedin may come into its own eventually, but it’s not quite got there yet for me, so while I’m not jumping ship like I did with facebook, I’ll stay lurking and reserve judgement.
zotero & mendeley
useful useful useful and great for upping your profile – every researcher & student loves a person who can help make referencing easier, so confidence in these tools (plus the endnotes, reference managers, etc of this world) is a good thing.
marketing thing
always useful to think about marketing – and how using more than email and posters will reach different audience.
Google Docs & wikis
very good thing – used a lot, and will continue to use a log – but fancy exploring an in-house wiki for staff manual etc.
YouTube & tunes of various sorts
like the idea of a library film (watch out for the launch on Sept 7th), but wonder how I’d use podcasts in the library – just voice isn’t so great

Wordle: cam23

Thank you Cam23 – it’s been great!


2 Responses to it’s Franks world….

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  2. Kirsty Taylor says:

    Congratulations on reaching the finishing line! We look forward to celebrating with you next Thursday. And I’m glad to hear that you’re going to keep blogging – excellent stuff!

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