cam23 catch up – how did thing 4 slip through the net?

whoops! how did that happen? thought I was onto a smooth cruise to the finishing line, and it turns out I’d only have done 22 things! crikey!
so, looking back carefully at the instructions

  • I’ve made a blog and registered a it on the 23things list;
  • I’ve made screenshots a-go-go;
  • I’ve tagged and
  • I think I’ve been pretty sociable (commenting on other people’s blogs, and even meeting up with some entirely new people, face to face don’tcha know!) and
  • I’ve even gone a little more public, by listing myself on UKLibrary blogs (sandwiched between Multifaceted and My:Self-Archive, and not too far away from NPage and TheMongooseLibrarian which is nice to be amongst friends.

And not on the list, but something that I note with interest – I actually quite enjoy the blogging bit of blogging! who’d have thought it? I like the sound of my own voice! I’m not as reflective as some, which is why I’ve really enjoyed reading many of my fellow cam23er’s thoughts – there’s lots of Proper Thinking going on out there!

And my obsession with the viewing figures that wordpress provides means that I can also guage how much other people like the sound of my voice too – or at least the number of people who come by, however briefly… they probably do it by mistake and then throw things at the computer shouting “silly bint”…   bad luck folks – I’m hoping to continue blogging even after the final curtain on 23things – there’s much to look forward to and blog about afterall – there’s a film launch, and TeachMeet – too much fun!



4 Responses to cam23 catch up – how did thing 4 slip through the net?

  1. libchris says:

    Your blog is very readable (and I suspect your readership is greater than you think…I read the blogs in google reader, and only go to the original if I want to comment!).
    Glad you will keep blogging too 🙂

  2. Céline says:

    I agree with Chris, you’re very readable so I’m glad you’re going to keep blogging.

    I too am quite obsessed by my WP stats 🙂 I wonder if it does count people who use a reader – I read almost everything in Google Reader now and rarely click through as Chris says.

  3. Niamh says:

    Yay – I also read from Reader and wonder how that affects the stats. Glad to hear you’re going to keep at it.

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