wiki… and the difference between wiki and google docs is..?

so google docs can be a type of wiki, right?

so just like I like google docs, I like wikis – we’re doing the summer quiz using PBWorks this year, rather than relying on a scibbled mess of answers in the staff room. So more part-time staff can contribute to the easier answers, rather than just finding that there’s only the hard ones left at the end of the week. (aren’t we nice??)

We’re using PBworks for camlibtm – another thing, another chance to plug the exciting event that’s happening on 27th September – haven’t you heard about it??

It’s all happening in PBworks, but I’m sure there are plenty of other resources we could use.

As I mentioned for google docs thing, we’re planning on using wikis to update and maintain our staff manual, and if camtools does the job (thanks celine!) then we might use this tool rather than an outside commercial one.

whichever tool I use it’s great not to have to clog inboxes up with word docs which might already be out of date.

Plus the thing that is most amazing now is how Wikipedia – the original shining example of a wiki – has now turned into a really very reliable source. Pinches of salt still need to be on hand – just like with all information – but it’s evolved from being a Very Bad Thing to being a Useful Place to Start if you’re entirely new to a topic. A great example of how the internet is self-regulating.

so yes, wikis are a Good Thing.


4 Responses to wiki… and the difference between wiki and google docs is..?

  1. Kirsty Taylor says:

    Hi Isla,

    It looks as though you’re about to cross the Cam23 finishing line! Can you just check that you’ve blogged somewhere about Thing 4 – just to tick all of the boxes!


  2. cjbsinfo says:

    So many people missed this one and we’re doing reminders – we’d hate for people to miss out on their voucher!

  3. Kirsty Taylor says:

    Sorry the last comment was from me!

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