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mmmm libraries and video cameras – so often a bad combination (resulting in such nails in our image coffin as the gaga abomination and the wierd syncronised trolley olympics that seem to pop up every now and again – no I’m not going to put in links to these, it just encourages the madness)

But library promotion in a variety of forms is a good thing (as the soon to be launched The Perfect Desk is a good example). Library videos by librarians about libraries are often a little dry, but library films pulling together student/ library user opinion is a good thing.

Film about the use of libraries by academics, and their perception of what libraries are for now and in the future formed the basis of a much more interesting presentation to the UL’s Visiting Committee last year.

Library introductions that are virtual rather than laborious tours of shelves make life more interesting too (another thing for my “to do” list), and online training in screencast form is a useful way of making support available any time of the day or night.

I like podcasts ( of radio programmes I’ve missed or for students to listen again to lectures), but I’ve not tried making one myself. I’m a little dubious about podcasting library information/instruction – I would imagine it’d be pretty dry….



2 Responses to podcast and youtube

  1. Céline says:

    Ah yes, screencasts for training are brilliant I agree and ideal for showing software/online things at a time when the user really needs it (ie. 1am on the morning of a deadline or halfway through trying to do something). I’d love to investigate that more but most of the people I train don’t have sound so my brilliant screencast directing career has been cut off in its infancy…

    • ilk21 says:

      depending on the screen cast tool you could do one with subtitles – camtasia will do it, and you could also do it with screen shots in powerpoint recorded by jing if you didn’t have access to fancy camtasia software.
      suppose it depends on what you’re trying to demonstrate.

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