google docs

I do like google docs – if there’s collaborative work going on (like we’ve been doing with camlibtm) it just seems so sensible to work on the most current version of the document, rather than each of us making changes which then have to be almalgamated.

I’ve used google docs to write articles collaboratively, share documents without having to load emails with massive attachments, and to avoid having to carry around a memory stick when I’m working at different computers. Means I can work on things at home (erm, why is that a good thing?) and it also lets me convert documents to PDFs (lovely!).

I’ve tried to use the forms in the past, and while lovely in theory, the range of options for type of questions didn’t really suit me, so I went back to SurveyMonkey (I’ve access to a souped-up subscription version, so while it’s not free, the extra functionality does provide value for money)

It’s not all sweetness and light – it does feel al little clunky at times, and there’s not a straight conversion to/from MS Office formats. And of course you’re a slave to being online (as we discovered the other night – meeting to discuss camlibtm in CB2 when internet access ground to a halt my note-taking in google docs did too – so back to slate and chalk).

For our staff manual we’re thinking of using either wikis or google docs to maintain accurate and up to date documentation for the library, but it’s tricky having to rely on a third party to host internal information. Wouldn’t it be nice if Cambridge University (CARET??) could provide a service which would mean that we wouldn’t be at the mercy of putting our information in someone else’s hands (we do enough of it already).

so nice google docs, I like you!


2 Responses to google docs

  1. Céline says:

    We have a wiki in CamTools, Isla, and one of the things I like about it is that it’s internally hosted. As you say, that feels better than putting our information in someone else’s hands.

    • ilk21 says:

      thanks Celine – didn’t realise that, but I hardly ever go near camtools, so perhaps I need to investigate a bit more.

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