all linkedin but nowhere to go

so here’s the thing, facebook was for fun and linkedin was supposed to be all professional, so I’m registered (and it’s the third hit if you google me which is pretty good – ahem, not that I do that very often..) and I’ve even got 22 connections which is lovely.

But apart from this week, when Head Above The Parapet used it to contact me (which I’m mildly suspicious was only to tick the box for this Thing – correct me if I’m wrong, HATP!!) I’ve never really used it for anything. I like it when I get requests for connection – who wouldn’t? – but I’ve not used it for what a non-librarian friend seems to use it for, which is to include pleasing comments from business clients about him. Which is nice…

I get pleasing comments from library users, occaisionally, but I’ve yet to feel the urge to post them on linkedin.

Perhaps that day will come… but in the meantime I’d sooner have a whole different set of links to contemplate….


3 Responses to all linkedin but nowhere to go

  1. Céline says:

    It’s time that we stopped denying the human truth… we all google ourselves. Seriously. Everyone does it. Anyone who says they have never done it is lying. It’s perfectly natural and harmless.

    Liking the links (am hungry now because of that last one)

  2. Mmm… sausages. I Google myself, too. Bizarre mix of things it throws up, too, though nothing I absolutely want rid of (phew!). Have a distinctive name, helps, though. No fun if you’re John Smith or Jane Brown.

  3. ilk21 says:

    have to admit that uncooked sausages are not exactly the most appetising sight, but needs must in a three post sprint!

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