Facebook – in the words of Bobby Womack….

fascinating fact (for me) – I’d always assumed that the Rolling Stones had first dibs of “it’s all over now” but I realise that Bobby  and Shelley Womack actually wrote the words, and the Valentinos had their bite of the cherry first even though the Stones had more success with it…

Anyway, Facebook – I’ve spent far too much of my life on facebook, lurking (stalking is such an ugly word…) and chatting and browsing and procrastinating that I’ve done the deed and done as much as I can to remove myself from public view. Because of lots of ownership issues, which mean that Facebook actually own anything I’ve put up there, rather than me, I can’t remove my entry, so I just have to settle for a StarTrek Next Generation-style cloaking device to ensure that I’m removed as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

I did very much enjoy it in the early days – I first heard about facebook not long after I’d moved to Cambridge (2005!) and got on it, and as more people I know/knew joined the more fun it became, but then after 4.5 happy years of wasting time, I suddenly realised that if I wanted to keep in touch with people, I was already doing that via other means, and that I was lurking more than I was chatting (don’t invite me to parties – I’m a terminal wall flower), and what was I doing with my time?? (plus I’d started twittering, and really, really enjoyed and got value from that).

So I’ve left. and I’ll survive – if I never look at a picture of a friend-from-uni-with-whom-I’ve-lost-touch-with-really-except-for-facebook’s children/pets/fabulous holidays again, I will survive. Oh as long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive…

But libraries and facebook… well, I’ve never really been convinced by this phenomena. Even having written an article  paper that touches on this (shameless plug!!!  it’s available via Dspace too), I think that unless you’re on the library’s page all the time, talking, putting up news, links, and pictures etc, then what’s the point? It’s like webpages which don’t see any change from one years end to the next – congratulations, you’ve got a webpage, so what?? why would I ever return to that page ever again? Its’ the same with facebook pages – they’ve got to be interesting. To save you reading the paper, Durham University Library’s facebook page was the best I saw.

anyway… that’s me and facebook


2 Responses to Facebook – in the words of Bobby Womack….

  1. Yep, I agree with what you say – and the fact that library information has to be interesting is the key. Is it?
    By the way, the Stones did pretty nicely out of the Womacks, didn’t they, like they did out of Chuck Berry, Rufus Thomas, Muddy Waters and all the rest …

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