#camlibtm – and now we have a fab logo & 1st attendee!

Think this logo is lovely – thanks to GirlInTheMoon for the design, and very excited that we’ve got our first person signed up via the camlibtm wiki – it’s so easy to do. I’ve just put my money where my mouth is and signed up to give a 7 minute talk – why don’t you do the same?

Pretty much everyone has got something  I could learn from – and, as LizardLounge says, we’re interested to hear about the the stuff that you’ve tried that hasn’t gone so well, as well as the glorious success. I need to know about this too – what would you do differently next time? Come on, you’re amongst friends!

And we’d also love to know that you’re interested in coming along even without signing up to speak.

So sign up and come along (once we’ve decided on a venue that is!!!)


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