#camlibtm – a hashtag to look out for

Last night I had a great time with ThingBlogging, LizardLounge, NPage & GirlInTheMoon (or Celine, Chris, Niamh & Katie to move on from blogging pseudonyms!)- planning the first (as far as I know) librarian version of a TeachMeet. See what happens when you have a glass of wine too many and start blogging!

So, we’re planning that on Monday 27th September a bunch of librarians will get together (at a venue yet to be decided) to share and learn from each other.

Niamh has already been busy putting together a wikipage on the TeachMeet website to get you in the mood (glittering logo still to be designed, but it will be fab, I’m sure!), and we’ve got a hashtag (#camlibtm) and delicious tag (camlibtm) – and now we just need people to share with!! (pssst – that means YOU!!!).

All we’re asking for is 7mins or 2mins (I know! 2 minutes!!) of your experience of some “techie tool or teaching tip” – and it’ll be amongst friends.

After all, which of us hasn’t tried to brag about a new thing we did, that worked really well, to friends who, as much as we love them, still might not entirely understand what we do all day (despite #libday5) This way it’ll be more like a chat down the pub with friends who do understand what you do all day, and so understand why you’re so excited in this thing you want to share.

what are you bursting to share? I want to know about it! – hold the thought, watch this space and keep Monday 27th September free…..


6 Responses to #camlibtm – a hashtag to look out for

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Isla Kuhn, Katrina Dalziel. Katrina Dalziel said: RT @ilk21: http://bit.ly/c3WfYw #camlibtm – teachmeet for librarians – here we come!! #cam23 […]

  2. Céline says:

    Brilliant Isla, a great explanation and summary. Who could fail to be enthused by that!

    See the positive outcomes of blogging after one wine too many 🙂

  3. Miss Crail says:

    Are those of us who haven’t done anything clever allowed to attend?

  4. Céline says:

    Miss Crail – I’d say positively encouraged to attend. Very much so.

    And see Chris’s post for more detail on the kind of thing people might want to talk about, including things that *didn’t* work!


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