Library Thing…. I’m just not that into you.

Library Wanderer puts it so very succinctly that I’m not sure I should bother trying to add anything… just knowing that there’s a book called “Did David Hasselhof end the cold war”  (£4.75 will never be better spent)has made my life immeasurably richer.

but I suppose I should add my pennyworth…

I have to say that it would never ever in the world of a month of Sundays when every single Sunday had a blue moon occur to me to … hoot… catalogue my own books! ahahhahahahahahahha.

Not only would I be rubbish at it, but what on earth is the point???

Every one has to amuse themselves in their own way, and I will admit to buying a second copy of Cats Eye by the glorious  Margaret Atwood from the wonderful Alnwick Barter Books, within weeks of buying the first copy (see the covers, I could be forgiven for not linking the 2 couldn’t I?) but I blame that on woosiness brought on by a fine all day breakfast…. (ps have just finished The Year of the Flood, and loved loved it – v good indeed, though will have to re-read Oryx and Crake now since they’re very interconnected…..)

Anyway, back to LibraryThing, yes I know, but we really must …. I’ve given it a try as a possible way of presenting our Clinical Medicine reading lists a couple of years ago, because we thought the benefits of presenting the book covers was just too tempting to resist but, my goodness, it was a right pain to enter the data, and then once you’d found each book (not all of which actually had a cover, though most did, I admit), the link to Newton which we wanted to include was so invisible as to make it practically pointless. My tags in are the Clinical Medicine (CM) ones – see if you can find the link to Newton for for example… so, need more time…… not spotted it yet??? frankly I’m not surprised, and it just proves my point.

So, no, LibraryThing – I’m really just not that into you…..


10 Responses to Library Thing…. I’m just not that into you.

  1. Found it!

    But it’s broken:

    “Not Found

    The requested URL /cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi was not found on this server.”

  2. Emma says:

    Another Barter Books! That shop made me want to move to Alnwick, I had some very bored friends by the time they managed to drag me away after about an hour and a half!

  3. libchris says:

    I’ll second that – far to easy to spend money (and eat cake) there.

  4. Anna says:

    I quite agree. Library thing seems to be for people who want to play at being a Librarian. Fortunately as real librarians we have much better tools to catalogue other books. And as you say, who would want to?

  5. Library Wanderer says:

    Gosh, thanks for the mench (I know all this media studies lingo, don’t you know). But apparently it’s not as ridiculous a book title as first thought, Sarah reminded me that his “song” brought down the Berlin Wall…

  6. cjbsinfo says:

    Just browsing through your blog and realise that I have just written a blog post on LibraryThing with exactly the same title. Completely coincidental – honest!

  7. Kirsty Taylor says:

    Sorry the comment from CJBSinfo was from me! Logged into wordpress for more than one blog – doh!

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