start of a massive catch up – slideshare

I like slideshare – it’s a good thing, as far as a place where I can see the slides of presentations I can’t go to goes. 

It doesn’t have the chat (a point raised by plenty others)  – a fundamental problem. And given the sort of slides I like to look at when watching someone else present, and the sort of slides I make when giving a presentation it all means that I’m probably missing quite a lot.

 But at least I get something – which is better than nothing, and to be fair there’s only so many conferences and meetings my long suffering boss can afford to send me on. And when people put their slides up ahead of their presentation, and when there are people tweeting from the conference where the slides are being presented, it’s a lot better than nothing. (acutally contributed tuppence worth to the EAHIL conference in Lisbon twitter discussion as it was happening because I could see the slides as well as read the tweets)

I’ve added slideshare slides on this blog already – I like it!

What I also like increasingly, but haven’t played with to have made one myself, is prezi 

I enjoyed the great echochamber presentation by Woodsiegirl and thewikiman for the content and significantly for the presentation:

dull old straight powerpoint on slideshare: 1, super fancy prezi: 2 (if done well)


5 Responses to start of a massive catch up – slideshare

  1. I agree about Prezi (I learnt about it from thewikiman too), although it does carry the risk of making the audience sea-sick!

  2. Miss Crail says:

    Thank you Isla for bringing ‘Escaping the echo chamber’ to our notice – very apt for this week’s required thinkpiece on how we can use web 2.0 tools for marketing. Some great leads and ideas in there.
    But the beauty and slickness of the presentation has me running for the hills in terror yet again, firmly on the outside looking in. Powerpoint looks pathetic against it, and would look even more pathetic if we loaded it up with available bells and whistles.

    • ilk21 says:

      I like a bit of mind mapping, I have to admit, and that’s what prezi feels like to me. so many people do such dodgy things with powerpoint – words whooshing in from various directions, fading in and out with chequerboard effect etc, that I don’t think prezi could be more annoying,

      but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that I’ve still not actually created a presentation in it myself, and so haven’t made the mental leap in the way I think through and design my presentations. I’m with you Miss Crail, on the outside looking in!

  3. Kirsty Taylor says:

    At last – a positive post about Slideshare – thanks Isla!

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