delicious-ish thing 12

I quite like delicious  – I do use it: I pulled together a list of links that might be useful for users of the Medical Library – but that was a while ago, and it could reallydo with updating… I meant to link to it from the library webpage, but wasn’t quite convinced enough to do it…

 And I have an account myself, , and find it quite useful to pull together links that I might want to share with others…. I was at a training day on sources of ongoing research trials (very interesting, I’ll have you know!), and during the session, and afterwards I loaded up the links as we were going along (hence my tag of york_session – which makes no sense to anyone, as well as the vaguely more useful links eg national&international_trials_registers) I’ve used this list to illustrate just how many different sources there are of ongoing trials (important source of relevant data that is often overlooked by people undertaking systematic reviews in advance of submitting a research proposal)

Anyway… so I quite like delicious, and the principle….

My problem comes, as with so many similar things, in the consistency of the tags I give things, and the fact that I can’t remember from one link to the next whether I’ve used _ or – to tag this topic… but I’m hashing over old ground

But I am quite nosy, so I do like to have a squint at what people who like what I like like…eh?


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