Deliberated, Cogitated and Digested…. and a bit of chin scratching

d’oh! wrong sort of chin scratching… meant it to be more contemplative… but, ah well….

thanks to mikeandanna


So, it should be week 7 reflection, but actually it’s week 10, and I’m in a flurry of catching up – exactly the wrong mood to do any useful reflection, I fear.

I have to say that while I’ve enjoyed doing Cam23, and have particularly enjoyed getting myself into the habit of blogging (a habit a weeks holiday quickly puts paid to all to easily, I’m afraid, but which I hope to carry on beyond the 23rd thing), the things we’ve covered haven’t been new to me. 

Which is fine – if I’ve got the audactiy to be delivering my own version of 23things, I would hope I’m already reasonably savy about web 2.0. But I would also hope that I’m always up for learning something new, looking at things in new ways, to have my (huge) prejudices challenged by the insight from more open minded colleagues.

Which is what has really made it for me –  reading other people’s blogs, getting to know a few more people in Cambridge (even if only via their nom de plum!), hearing that not everyone thinks that X, Y or Z is obviously great. The latter has been especially good for me – reminding me that just because a person doesn’t use a particular tool doesn’t mean they’re closed to all thing web 2.o (after all, I don’t like all the things on the list, by any stretch), and that just because I do use it doesn’t mean squat .  Easy on the web 2.0 evangalism!

But to a large extent I can’t help but evangelise about the possibilities of the sorts of tools/toys/treasures that Cam23 is talking about – the possibilities are endless, and even if we can’t see them, our users will

“all that glisters is not gold” 

If we (librarians) can’t show a good working knowledge of the main web 2.o tools out there, and also be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, sheep from goats, etc etc,  when it comes to discussing and recommending them (or suggesting a better solution) to library users, then aren’t we just ensuring that we will be become as irrelevant in the future as unfortunately some people already think we are?

I want a professional future and a future in the profession – and confidence in the tools that cam23 is spotlighting is included in the ways in which I think I can ensure that I have both.


3 Responses to Deliberated, Cogitated and Digested…. and a bit of chin scratching

  1. Very impressed with the four-posts-one-evening catch up!

  2. […] post: Deliberated, Cogitated and Digested…. and a bit of chin scratching … for-learning, own-version, Web […]

  3. Céline says:

    Impressive catching up! I’m just back from 10 days away and have no idea how I’m going to catch up.

    I agree on the main benefit being reading other people’s blogs… shame that this takes a long time but it’s worth it.

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