embedding video, slideshare, etc in your blog: part 1- wordpress blogs

there are so many useful videos on YouTube, and presentations on slideshare that makes sense to link to them from your blog or webpage, but wouldn’t it look so much better if they were embedded into your blog or webpage – people can see the content without having to leave your site?

It’s so easy to do. Here are some step-by-step instructions for blogs in Blogger.com and WordPress, and also to embed the item in a webpage using Dreamweaver as the editor.

First things first – what do you want to embed? And what information from that thing do you need?

YouTube: find your video, and look for the “embed” option, click this and copy the code that you see:









The same applies to slideshare:






Second things next…  where are you going to embed these things?

Part 1: WordPress blogs

1. first find the option to display your blog post in HTML rather than “visual – click this option.

2. Then scroll down your blog entry till you find the spot at which you want to embed the video/presentation. (If you’re not used to HTML, there will seem like lots of “noise” in the page, but you’ll soon start to be able to see where your text is, in relation to all the HTML tags (ie everything you see in < > brackets)

3. Paste the code you’ve copied from youtube or slideshare, and then click the “save” option and then “preview” to see how your post looks:

4. hopefully your page looks something like this:

– exactly the same process applies for inserting slideshare (or any other) code.

Next I’ll look at blogger, and in part 3, dreamweaver.


3 Responses to embedding video, slideshare, etc in your blog: part 1- wordpress blogs

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  3. Andera Falks says:

    brill blog you got here, many thanks for the tips i learnt, i have bookmark your site and return often to check it out for new posts, many thanks on your good work

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