teach me(et)!

just heard about teachmeet – a tool where teachers with ICT responsibilities in schools come together in a flashmob (not actually as scary as it might sound, just a bit less formal than a formal meeting…)  at a volunteered school and volunteers contribute 10 min long presentations or 3min short presentations about things that have worked (or not) in their schools. They have to have tried and succeeded (or failed) but at least tried.

All attendees can’t be selling things, or be getting gain for themselves – they’re just try to spread good practice and sponge off their colleagues!

It’s a wiki where people contribute their venue and co-0rdinate contributions, and there’s also a google map which shows locations.

wonder if it could work for librarians in Cambridge and beyond??

Dug Hall explains all about TeachMeet from mrhandley on Vimeo


25 Responses to teach me(et)!

  1. Celine says:

    What an interesting concept. I especially like that it can be things that have failed as well as “here’s what I done good”. There’s real potential in that idea. Short presentation time too


  2. Niamh says:

    What a great idea – when are you planning to have the first Cambridge Libraries one? 😀

  3. ilk21 says:

    and as if by magic @psychemedia tweets about http://teachmeet.pbworks.com/Teachmeet_MIlton_Keynes
    a teachmeet happening in Milton Keyenes – an example to us all??

  4. I’m coming late to the party, here, but just wanted to say that I like the idea of teachmeets and of a wiki in Cambridge and beyond. Something to start organising maybe at the end of Cam23/Med23, so that people can contribute their experiences of trying out Things in the real world?

  5. Céline says:

    Yes, I think that would be a great post-23 things project actually. Seriously, anyone want to think about this properly?

  6. Niamh says:

    I definitely would – and it sounds like there’d be a lot of interest.

  7. Yes – I’d be up for proper thinking.

  8. Céline says:

    Okay, so that’s me, Niamh and GirlInThe (apologies for not knowing your real identity!). Anyone else?

    I’m liking the phrase “proper thinking”. Very descriptive. Unlike all this improper thinking that gets done 🙂


    • ilk21 says:

      me too!! can I play too??
      Would proper thing be aided by a glass of something and a face to face meeting?

  9. Céline says:

    That sounds like a good idea (is face-to-face sufficiently 2.0 though? joke).

    Have been doing some proper thinking in between childcare today and definitely would be good to talk it through together some time.


    • ilk21 says:

      lets call it blended learning…..

      what do you reckon Celine, Girl & Niamh? just us 4, or open it to the world?

      I’m off for a week, but what about sometime in week of 19th?

  10. Niamh says:

    That week suits me. I suppose it depends what format we want it to take. The original idea of a Barcamp style unconference would really need more than four participants I think. What do other people think?

  11. Céline says:

    I think it’s Proper Thinking the 4 (or more) of us, to develop the idea of an actual unconference/teachmeet thingummy. Yes?

    I’m on holiday the week of the 19th, back only on 26th so available after then. Sorry to be awkward. Do we need to Doodle this? or at least move to email?

    In terms of who else is interested in the planning (Proper Thinking) – I’m happy to leave it open to anyone. Worth tweeting? Just to direct any interested parties here?

    • I’m happy for it to be open to anyone.

      I’ve whisked up a Doodle poll for evenings of the week of the 26th:


      If all of the these dates or times are terrible, then let me know and I’ll add others!

    • ilk21 says:

      how about I doodle something with a range of late afternoon, early evening times in week of 26th July and 2nd August and with a selection of venues, and then post it here and twitter it with the cam23 tag. And see what we come up with?

  12. Have just tweeted links to this post and to Doodle.

  13. Céline says:

    Have filled in Doodle poll. Quite limited range – I’m saying 8pm would be easiest (after children’s bedtime) but I might be able to do earlier if that’s what you decide so don’t let that influence the decision.

    This is quite exciting (or at least for me)!

  14. libchris says:

    I’m interested too – will go to the doodle poll 🙂

  15. yvonne says:

    week of 2nd Aug would be good for me…….!

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