Tony does it again!

As usual Tony Hirst’s slides are hugely useful – just when I’ve got the hang of limiting my search in a particular way (eg or filetype:pdf) then he throws in the option to filter by usage rights (eg for material which is free to use or share – sounds like creative commons!)

I’d played with the timeline, but not very much – this was a timely prod to play again!

I knew that you could set up email alerts for google searches, but hadn’t realised that google docs could convert pdfs into google docs document (ie pretty .doc like)

and that was only half way through the presentation!

There’s just so much more you can do with google to make it a better search – if librarians don’t flog these techniques, who will? and if librarian don’t know and use these techniques, how relevant does that makes us in the current and future world?


3 Responses to Tony does it again!

  1. Niamh says:

    Thanks for highlighting this Isla, bookmarked for later reading!

  2. Clare Aitken says:

    Thanks for spotlighting these points Isla – I will definitely look at the PDF to Google docs option.

    Regarding Google, I quite agree. My most successful training sessions have been on making the most of Google – they really struck a chord. And once folks realise that you know about this stuff, they start to ask you about all sorts of other things too.

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