flickr – a thing I like

I like flickr – I use it already on a personal basis as you can see from the feed down the side of this page. I like it because I can send pictures to my sister (who desn’t have broadband) without requiring her to spend 3 days downloading the images. I can chose to share some pictures with the world (the ones you can see) and keep some for only friends and family (my parents have yahoo/bt email, so it’s easy for them to login to see the extra pictures). 

But I have to admit that up till now  (and you can consider me a changed person) I would normally go to google to get my images. And despite trying to search for images with creative commons licence (which I think is a very good thing indeed – I went to Cory Doctorow’s Arcadia lecture and all 3 of these interviews are worth a watch/listen), I would often be a bit dodgy about the ones I actually use. 

I might be a bit surprised at anyone taking pictures of the medical library (while I find it charming, it’s not necessarily the most photogenic of locations, not like some of the other libraries in Cambridge). But I’ve found flickr very useful in the past when looking for ideas and inspiration for redevelopment of the library space (the jisc_infonet’s photostream  was particularly useful) 

but the tricky thing is that the results when I search flickr for something that’s not a thing (eg lightbulb moment) just aren’t quite as good when I search google for the same So perhaps the lesson is not to be so abstract – call a spade a spade, and get an image that suites…. 

from flickrCC

 and wordle – I’ve used it in the past, but some how have failed to get it to work again – (scroll to the bottom of this page for proof!) I tried tagxedo (apparently of words from my twitter account, but frankly I’m not convinced… but maybe I’m just feeling hard to please today)  I like the principle of tagxedo, but just don’t want to have my words put into a specific shape – yup, very hard to please today).

I’ll have a play and get back to you about tagxedo – perhaps its the answer to my wordle problems…..


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