tagging – or why I’m not a cataloguer, and never will be….

ok, so confession time – I admire and respect cataloguers, but I am not, could never, pray that I will never be one myself. I’m just not consistent enough. “Diabetic nursing”? …. well, this could be on the shelf in WKs for endocrinology, or the WYs for nursing… can’t we buy 2 copies??

I use it all the time when I’m searching PubmedMeSH headings are wonderful things which accommodate the fact that language can be very messy, and I may not know how many ways there are of talking about the common cold…. (BTW – I never have a common cold, I have acute coryza, dontcha know!)

I can see the value and I love it when someone else does it for me, but I just don’t care enough to do it myself….

and even when I try I’m rubbish at it – as you can see from this blog “thing3” and “thing 8” – space or no space… hopeless.

but I do like the suggestion “For example, one Oxford participant chose to give an approval rating to Things by using the tags ‘yay’, ‘nay’, and ‘meh’ as appropriate.” from Cam23 and I also like Kupu’s star ratings. I’ll have my own system – blinding, boggin’ and couldne give a ….

So I’m going to start, give it a try, run with it… but just don’t shout at me if I get distracted.

tagging? = couldne give a ….


UPDATE: this is how rubbish a tagger I am – have already (c.4 minutes later) found out that my 3 opinions (blinding, boggin’ and couldne give a… ) are inadequate. good grief….

I’m having to add another tag – “a’ right”  – to tools and things that are a’ right – not blinding, but not rubbish enough to be truly boggin’, and yet still good enough to warrent an opinion more positive than couldne give a ….God, it’s complicated, this cataloguing/tagging/folksonomy/subject heading/key word/ taxonomy  nonsense….


5 Responses to tagging – or why I’m not a cataloguer, and never will be….

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  2. cl@cam says:

    Love your post, especially your own classification system!

  3. KTLib says:

    I agree with cl@cam – your rating system is the best!

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