make a date

I’m already using Google calendars embedded in the library webpage to show training sessions and embed it into my netvibes page 

so embedding it into my iGoogle page was fairly straight forward.

What I don’t think I’d realised I’d managed was the sharing – I’ve look at the NHS Evidence (previously National Library for Health) calendar to see when their evidence updates are happening, and then link to these in the library’s blog – an easy way of keeping the blog full of fresh content. 

 What I’d not thought of doing was to make a different layer of calendar to do with library opening hours (as suggested here), and embed that in the webpage – which means I can make the opening hours relevant to the week/day that the person is looking at the webpage, and update the page remotely . I’ve uploaded a rough version in my netvibes page so you can see the sort of thing I mean (scroll through to August Bank Holiday, and Christmas, otherwise it’s very dull!)- you can add additional messages, to remind people what’s possible during closed periods (eg return books in the box outside the library)

Think I might need to play with this a little bit more!


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