google reader vs netvibes

Just used the instructions on @skiddie2’s blog to get a bulk set of RSS feeds into Google reader and also Netvibes, as suggested on Cam23.

once I’d worked out you actually have to save the OPML file, and not just treat it as an RSS feed (ie don’t just copy the URL – d’oh!), then it worked really well. I’ve managed to upload into both systems, and behold – pictures of them both. I have to say I do much prefer Netvibes to Google reader – the way it’s laid out just suits me better, and the fact that I can colour code the feeds, and rearrange the feeds I find most useful to be at the top etc, etc. Plus you can go to see my netvibes page for yourself, which is nice (perhaps).

must be a non-linear thinker, or something……


2 Responses to google reader vs netvibes

  1. evaluna71 says:

    Thanks for illustrating the difference between google reader and netvibes. You may be on the way to persuading me that netvibes is the way to go for a reader as it looks so much nicer, but can this be linked in to an iGoogle page I wonder?

    • ilk21 says:

      don’t think it can – I know that you can pull in google calanders into netvibes, but I’m not sure that you can pull netvibes into google. (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong).

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