first things first

so here I am, blogging for the first few things of the Cam23 programme. This is my 2nd blog – I maintain the Medical Library blog,which is a good way of keeping the library website fresh, and doesn’t take that much work – I try to keep up to date with interesting medical related news, so adding the odd link or comment to the blog is straightforward. The fact that NHS Evidence, a key resource for clinicians has regular evidence updates makes for easy new content.

I also include changes in opening hours, new journals, dates and details of training sessions, and other library specific content.

I chose wordpress to create the cam23 bog for myself because I already use blogger, and wanted to try out a different interface. Frankly I think it’s much more complicated than blogger, but nothing that can’t be worked out with a little application, and it’s good to try a different tool. (though it did take me ages to work out how to change my password!)

It does seem easier to set up extras like polls, which might be interesting to investigate for the library’s blog, and to establish traffic – it’s not difficult to link Google analytics to the library blog, but if wordpress does it automatically, then that’s much easier.

I watched Julie & Julia last night – about how writing a blog about cooking her way through a classic cookbook transformed a woman’s life. Don’t expect such fundamental life changing experience with this blog, but it’s an interesting thought….!


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